Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Trifecta of Old Ladyhood

It is common knowledge that one of my preferred hairstyles is a bun. So, because I also love to bake and knit, I think I'd make quite a good granny! My trifecta of old ladyhood if you will. So, you know, 40 years from now when I'm ACTUALLY old I'll be a pro at it! I'll have oldladiness down to an ART. So, all of you who are better at being a 27 year old woman than I am? Just wait! *wrings hands together*
Without further adieu, here are my latest bakerly and knitterly accomplishments.

Scarf I am knitting to give as a Christmas gift. Chunky 2x2 rib! Sort of a barfy pink color! Pom Poms to come later!

Blueberry pie! YUM! I wish I had some more RIGHT NOW!

This is the body of a (hopefully soon to be) felted bag I've been working on for at least 2 years.

This is a detail from the bottom right corner of the previous photo. Oh, right. Add "cat owner" to my old lady qualifications list! ;)

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Aaah! I have to enter!

Okay, so tonight I went to the Mall with my mom to help her pick out some new jeans. And while we were in Fancy Clothing Store I noticed a flyer about a tee-shirt design contest. Turns out it is my DREAM CONTEST! I am not even kidding.

First off, the winning design will be featured on a tee shirt. The proceeds from the sales of said tee shirt go to help poor and homeless women. That should be enough incentive right there, right? Right??

But get this! The winner not only recieves $2,000 in merchandise from said Fancy Clothing Store, but ALSO gets a free flight for 2 people to California for a 4 day artist retreat, including fancy hotel, "fine dining", yoga instruction, and spa treatments!!! The artist retreat features instruction on a painting technique such as encaustic, abstract or impresia. And they frickun give you fresh fruit, truffles and champagne while you paint! HOLY CRAP! WANT!!!

*I realize there is no way in hell I will actually win this contest, but I will keep you posted!

PS- HURRAY for President-Elect Obama! Woo!!!