Tuesday, May 26, 2009

WTF. . . Snapping Turtle?

I came home from work today and noticed something rustling in my back yard. I could tell it wasn't a rabbit, or a cat, and I wondered what in the world was back there INSIDE my fence.

Turns out it was this dude. . .
Luckily for me Velocibadgergirl and I had yoga class tonight, and I knew she would be able to help me rescue the snapping turtle!

It was HUGE! So I got my snow shovel out (which ironically hasn't yet been used to shovel snow), and with Velocibadgergirl's help we scooped him up into a storage tub she conveniently had in her car.

We drove him to a nearby park with a lake and released him!

I wish I'd taken video of him once Velocibadgergirl flopped him out of the tub, because he tumbled hilariously sideways and into the water.

It was very dramatic!

But he is fine and safe and no longer in my back yard. YAY!

And thanks again, Velocibadgergirl for your help! :D


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