Monday, August 17, 2009

Why there is a piece of bread and a towel in my car

Today as I was driving home on my lunch break, the most surreal thing happened. Right as I pulled on to my block, a beautiful white dove fluttered down seemingly out of nowhere and landed right in front of my car. I was sort of stunned cos it was almost as if it happened on purpose, you know? So anyway, I slowly pulled around it and into my driveway. As soon as I got out of the car I had the urge to walk over to where the dove was, in the middle of the street a couple of houses down. I shrugged it off, telling myself it was probably just a white pigeon, and just some kind of coincidence. Halfway through microwaving my lunch, I peeked out the window and saw it was still wandering around in the street, and I said ok ok, I HAVE to go see it. So I walked out the door and down the street, and sat down on the curb near the dove. I held out my hand to it as if I had some sort of treat (my mistake for not ACTUALLY bringing it a treat) and spoke sweetly to it. I asked he (or she) if maybe he got lost, and told him how pretty he was, and that someone probably misses him! And he walked up to where I could almost have touched him. He was very beautiful, snow white, and DEFINITELY not a wild pigeon. But he didn't have a band on his ankle like most pet birds have. Regardless, I decided he was definitely someone's pet, and that I would run home and grab some bread to lure him back to me, and a towel to throw on top of him so I could gather him up and put him on my screened in back porch until I get off work and could get him a cage and some proper dove food, and run an ad in the paper saying "found- pet dove" or something like that...

But alas, when I returned with the towel and the bread, he was no where to be found! I put the bread and towel in my car, in case I happen to see him in my neighborhood again when I am driving around, so I can catch the poor lost dove!

PS- I totally regret not having my camera for any of this! UGH!


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